Hawrelak Park is a public park in Edmonton that has a large pond, skating rink, walking trails, horse pathways, an amphitheatre, and many more activities. While in the park we noticed that there was a lack of signage to welcome and direct users within the space.


This project was done in collaboration with Lea St. Arnault, Shannon Fidler and Terolenn Mykitiuk.


The Hawrelak Park project began by thoroughly researching the space, creating an identity that complimented the parks tone and feeling. We found that the choice of colour palette was extremely important as it needed to have a healthy balance between standing out and blending in within the natural space. Our redesigned system focused on presenting all information as clear as possible, while chunking information where necessary in order to maker it easier to find. We organized our information by using iconography and colour coding to ensure a clear system was executed.