What started as a passion project quickly turned into so much more. In the summer of 2014 I started a Facebook page called Curls for Fort Mac Gurls, which acted as a safe place for women to go for support. Throughout the first year we held monthly online challenges that allowed women in the group to host their own challenge for everyone else to do. In 2016, I decided I wanted to actually make it a thing due to its success, and so HerMission was born. 

HerMission is a women's health and wellness network that focuses on empowering all through the sharing of missions and experiences. We provide a safe place for women of all mission types, whether mental or physical, to experience unconditional support and positive reinforcement. We focus on the idea that not every woman's journey is the same.


With the shift from Curls for Fort Mac Gurls to HerMission a new brand was born. I created a whole new identity, website, social media accounts, and swag. Along with the design deliverables I also hosted photoshoots that allowed anyone in the HerMission group to participate in a free photoshoot that allowed them to bring their most prized possessions that represented them, whether it be their dog, children, favourite book, art supplies, sport equipment, etc. These shoots allowed me to be able to photograph and use photos of real HerMission members to showcase that there are real women involved with the group and the diverse group that we have.