HerMission is a women's health and wellness network that focuses on empowering all through the sharing of missions and experiences. We provide a safe place for women of all mission types, whether mental or physical, to experience unconditional support and positive reinforcement. We focus on the idea that not every woman's journey is the same.

For this project I needed to create a single purpose app based on a subject that was very important to us, I obviously went right to my passion project, HerMission. At the beginning of the project I had conversations with 13 current HerMission members. While talking to the members accountability came was stated as a key pain point within their daily lives. We often create personal goals for ourselves but often allow life to get in the way and hinder our chances of success.


In order to promote accountability I created a relatively single purpose app for the expansion of HerMission that focuses on providing a place for women to network and track their friends progress, as well as their own. The experience I set out to accomplish was one that would be extremely user friendly, focus on tracking progress, and holding people accountable. By providing a place for women to track their friends progress and provide them with the support they need to stay on track, it would help enhance the results of many women, in turn, increasing their chances of reaching their goals.