MacDonald Island Park is Canada's largest recreation and event centre. The Island not only holds a variety of small and large community events, but also regular programming, including arts & culture, children's, climbing, fitness, sports and aquatics.

With the launch of the first recreation guide in August 2016 it allowed for the team to gauge if there was an audience. For the second Recreation Guide release in November 2016, I implemented their new MIP brand, added external advertising, more photos and internal advertising as a way to cross promote and up sell. Since then I have implemented a plan to create one Recreation Guide every season.


The Recreation Guide is a seasonal publication that hosts information about all of the Island's programs, whether it is arts & culture related or fitness. Each season when the new programs are released over 4000 copies are distributed throughout the Island and Fort McMurray. Along with program details, the seasonal publication also has external advertisements of local businesses and internal advertisements that I make according to which programs I thought needed a bigger marketing push or were different and stood out. Along with the creation of the publication I also create a marketing plan to support the release, social media graphics and external digital advertising.